Why Doesn’t Medicine Embrace Chiropractic Results?

In the face of all the positive evidence, it baffles us as well, especially after the New Zealand Royal Commission on Chiropractic told the medical profession that chiropractors know more about chiropractic than medical doctors do, and that chiropractors should be accepted as fellow professionals.

I guess historically the differences between the 2 professions are obvious:
  • Outside In treatment
  • Mechanistic model
  • Symptom focused
  • Drug promoting
  • Fabulous at life saving; not so fabulous health care
  • Sells FORDS (silly comparison but somewhat true) 
  • Inside Out treatment
  • Vitalistic model
  • Underlying cause/dysfunction focused
  • Drugless
  • Not medically emergency based; everything to do with health care
  • sells HOLDENS
Both professions are offering different products.