I’ve heard if you click bones in too frequently then they can go out easier?

Nice concept, but wrong! Bones do not go out, and chiropractors do not put them in. I know that’s often what people think and often what they are told, but it’s not accurate! Just as there is no such thing as a ‘Slipped Disc’, bones are not out, as in ‘out of place’ and we do not ‘put them in and they go out again!’ Simplistic Silliness.

The truth of the matter is: Are the bony segments of the spine moving like they should or are some not functioning as they should (hypo mobile) and could there be some that are moving too much (hyper mobile) to compensate? Either of these last 2 circumstances, can and often do affect the function of the nerve system.

Spinal Biomechanics and the understanding of the signs and symptoms of that dysfunction is the true strength of chiropractic practice.
That expertise is the reason Chiropractic is the leader in the group of all Complimentary Health Practices worldwide.