Are there different kinds of Chiropractors?

The answer is Yes, but it really should be No!

Chiropractic historically, is one thing only:  “Allow the uninterrupted flow of life over the nervous system to all parts of the body”. That in turn leads to better feelings of well being, health, performance etc.

You have a number of Chiropractors who may decide to limit their activities primarily say, to Sports Chiropractic, Paediatric Chiropractic, Headache and Back Pain Relief Chiropractic etc etc.

Like Medical doctors, the basic training of Chiropractors is regulated and licensed and as such no person who has not qualified from a recognized Chiropractic Institution, passed licensing Board Examinations can practice as a Chiropractor.

So the answer technically is Yes to the above question, but is really only one of emphasis or personal interest.